2013 Educating for Citizenship Conference

Program At-a-Glance/Resources
December 6, 2013


Back to the Future: The Colorado Constitution

Film: The Colorado Experience, Colorado Constitution

The Law and Politics of Voting Rights

Shelby County v. Holder
The 4th Amendment in a World without Privacy

• Journal Article by Professor Ohm. The 4th Amendment
• Fordham University Privacy Curriculum for Middle School Students

Understanding the Crisis of Religion and Politics in the Muslim World Today

Current Issues: Middle East Update: The State of Arab Upheavals
U.S.  Supreme Court Preview for 2014
Town of Greece v. Galloway , Town of Greece Arguments, Fernandez v. California, 4th Amendment Visual
Power Point: 2014 Supreme Court Preview

Campaign Propaganda: 
Reading and Writing
about Civics Using DBQ

The DBQ Project- Civics

    Reconciling Civic Ideals and Civic Realities in the Classroom

How Are We Doing?

Three Approaches


Facing History:
Teaching the Civil
Rights Movement

Power Point Presentation: Tom Thorpe, Colorado Academy

Deficits, Debts, and Fiscal Responsibility

Resources from the Colorado Council for Economic Education

Civic Inquiry in the Common Core Classroom

Civic Inquiry Data Packet


Ties That Bind:  Trade, Investment and Transatlantic Partnerships

Colorado European Union Center of Excellence


Marijuana:  Local Control, States Rights, and Federalism

• Marijuana Legislation Implementation
• Power Point: Marijuana Laws


The New Colorado Social Studies Assessment Framework:  Implications for the Classroom

• Session Presentation

• CDE Assessment: Q and A