Project Citizen at the Colorado State Capitol
Thursday, February 14, 2013    8:30 am—3:00 pm    

Project Citizen provides a process for students to learn about local and state government by analyzing local issues of interest to them.   Participants will learn how to use Colorado’s legislative process as a springboard for teaching important civics and literacy content standards including critical thinking, persuasive writing, citizen participation, research and report writing, and presentation skills.

The program is adaptable for high school government, middle and elementary school social studies, service learning, and language arts classes.  

Teachers will receive: Program Format:  
• Lunch
• Resource materials
• Sample texts
• Demonstrations and tips for implementing project-based civic education
• Sample projects/student presentations
• Observing and debriefing a legislative hearing

:  Colorado State Capitol and CEA Board Room 
Sponsor:  Center for Education in Law and Democracy

Registration Fee:  $30  (payable to CELD by check or purchase order)

To Register:

Click HERE for online registration. Deadline: February 8, 2013.            
Please send a check or PO to CELD at PO Box 18940, Denver 80218.

Questions?  Email or call Barbara Miller. Fax:  303 733-4791   Voice: 303-778-0756

Space is limited to twenty participants.   Please forward this message to any other interested teachers you know.