2014 Educating for Citizenship Conference

Program At-a-Glance/Resources
December 5, 2014



Democrat, Republican, or Other:  Should Teachers Teach Toward Partisan Identity?     Practical and Ethical Teaching Dilemmas:  What Is Controversial?  What Should be Taught?       50 Core Documents:  Teaching the American Story through Primary Sources     Executive Orders:  When Do They Go Too Far?

U.S. History:  Race, Rights, and Membership in the Reconstruction Era    

U. S. Supreme Court Preview for 2015


Back to the Future:  Civic Education in Colorado


Developing More Proficient Readers:  Multiple Perspectives on the Death Penalty

    Developing Disciplinary Literacy:  How Social Scientists Contextualize, Source, and Corroborate Texts     Integrating Economics Standards into Civics Courses:  Government Spending, Taxation, and the National Debt      
  You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Learning about the Fourth and Fifth Amendments through Popular Culture     Police in the Community:  Balancing Public Safety
and Individual Liberties
    Stayin’ Alive: Greatest Hits in Civic Education     Breaking Away from Names, Dates, and Facts in the Social Studies Classroom