Center for Education
in Law and Democracy

  The Fourth Amendment: Founding Principles and Contemporary Debates
A Two-Day Professional Development Program for Colorado Middle and High School Teachers

Sponsored by the Center for Education in Law and Democracy (CELD)
and the Byron White Center, University of Colorado Law School
June 9-10, 2014 • History Colorado Museum
The clash between modern technology and Fourth Amendment rights is emerging as one of the important legal debates of our times. Technological advances raise new concerns about the Fourth Amendment that would have been inconceivable to the Framers of the Constitution. Has technology changed the way young people think about privacy?

Participants in the 2014 Constitution Studies Program interacted with legal scholars as they examined the evolution of the uniquely American concept of privacy and the creation of the Fourth Amendment, as well as current debates about civil liberties, national security and Fourth Amendment protections. The program featured new materials and interactive strategies for teaching about privacy in historical and contemporary contexts.


• Program Agenda

• Fourth Amendment Hearing Questions

• NSA Survelliance: How Should Congress Respond ? (Consitutional Rights Foundation Materials, 2014 Youth Summit Curriculum, page 27.)

• The Fourth Amendment in a World Without Privacy, article by Paul Ohm, University of Colorado Law School

• Street Law Case Studies (Click "Resources." Then click on "Fourth Amendment" under subject on left side.)