The New Coloradans: Immigration in Colorado

The New Coloradans: Immigration in Colorado was developed to help Colorado students understand the complexity of the immigration issue in our state and nationally, to raise awareness of varying perspectives on the issue, and to engage students in a way that will encourage them to keep informed on issues and advocate for their own views.

The free teaching materials include:

A DVD of “The New Coloradans,” a compelling 30-minute documentary produced by Rocky Mountain PBS.

• A four-lesson curriculum for middle school and an eight-lesson curriculum for high school classes.
To get your free copy of either the middle school or high school curriculum and the DVD, call the Piton Foundation at 303-825-6246or e-mail The Piton Foundation.
Immigration Updates

Eight times throughout the school year, CELD prepares an “Immigration Update,” providing current information about immigration policy, data, and resources. To receive an email notification when a new “Immigration Update” is available, send an email to Laurel Singleton.  Updates will be posted on this page.

Immigration Updates for 2008-09

Sept. 27, 2008 Immigration Update #1
Oct. 28, 2008 Immigration Update #2
Dec. 2, 2008 Immigration Update #3
Jan. 27, 2009 Immigration Update #4
Feb. 24, 2009 Immigration Update #5
March 27, 2009 Immigration Update #6
May 5, 2009 Immigration Update #7

Archived Immigration Updates from 2007-08

• Oct. 18, 2007 Immigration Update #1
• Nov. 26, 2007 Immigration Update #2

• Dec. 30, 2007 Immigration Update #3
• Feb. 1, 2008: Immigration Update #4

• March 5, 2008: Immigration Update #5

April 1, 2008: Immigration Update #6
May 6, 2008: Immigration Update #7

Archived Immigration Updates from 2006-2007

Sept. 16, 2006 Immigration Update #1
Oct. 13, 2006 Immigration Update #2
Nov. 10, 2006 Immigration Update #3
Dec. 5, 2006 Immigration Update #4

Dec. 30, 2006 Immigration Update #5
Feb. 12, 2007 Immigration Update #6
March 7, 2007 Immigration Update #7
April 27, 2007Immigration Update #8

New for Fall 2008 – Updates on the New Coloradans and Four New Lessons
For teachers who want to teach about controversial issues in the context of this fall’s election, CELD and The Piton Foundation have prepared four lessons that will be useful in that effort. Two of lessons focus on immigration, while the other two look at health care reform and race.

For teachers already using The New Coloradans, CELD has revised its lesson-by-lesson annotations providing updated information for the middle school unit and the high school unit.

Funding provided by:

The New Coloradans teaching materials were developed by the Center for Education in Law and Democracy with funding from The Piton Foundation.