Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

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Pre-program packet and program guide. Workshops and intensive programs on identifying and using local issues to teach history and government and on linking service to social studies. Three-day experiential citizenship seminars at the state Capitol; fee is $225 per student, with scholarships available.

Grade Level: 9-12

Three-day youth civic education seminars provide students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to participate in a democratic society. Participants return to their communities and address the most pressing local issues they have selected to apply and deepen what they have learned while providing a service to their community. Students analyze issues and develop responses to issues, learn how the state is addressing those issues, and identify stakeholders and how they influence the political process. They also learn strategies for making their own views known. While in Denver, students meet with leaders in all three branches of government and observe and participate in simulations of democracy in action. They return home to undertake service learning projects related to the issues studied.

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