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Front Range Earth Force
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Educator manual, bilingual student manual, bilingual student “Tips Cards,” video, posters, etc. available with school membership ($800 for new sites, $500 per year for ongoing programs; cost is negotiable for low-income schools). Intensive, workshop-style professional development opportunities. Networking opportunities and educational resources available for service-learning practitioners. Assistance with grant-writing and other fundraising for student projects. In-class assistance and co-facilitation when needed. Planning assistance to meet standards through completed student projects. (1) Student-directed Service Projects, (2) Youth Voice Launch Youth Council Leadership Training and Introduction, (3) Youth Voice United Youth Council Leadership Conference, (4) Annual Youth Summit at the Denver Zoo, and (5) Year-round participation in Youth Advisory Board (application required).

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Front Range Earth Force offers service-learning programs for youth and professional development opportunities for educators who work directly with youth on how to incorporate service-learning into the classroom. Programs are based on Earth Force’s Community Action and Problem Solving (CAPS) framework. Using CAPS, students learn to identify local concerns, select an issue for further study, conduct a balanced investigation, and then develop and implement a plan leading to the improvement of the local issue. The CAPS process helps students develop confidence, critical thinking skills, environmental awareness, community stewardship, presentation skills, introspection through structured reflection, and the ability to act both as a positive leader and a contributing member of a team. The process is very student-driven, flexible, and fun—but rigorous enough to meet academic content standards in a variety of subjects. Earth Force offers extensive CAPS trainings and ongoing support to educators, after-school advisors, youth workers in community-based organizations, and others who work with youth in and out of school. They also coordinate youth leadership events throughout the school year and in the summer for Earth Force participants.

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