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Facing History Project
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Lessons, resource books, online modules, video libraries, study guides, and other materials are available, some for purchase, others free. Intensive and workshop-style training available; online courses and workshops; follow-up support also can be provided. Optional service project and leadership program.

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Facing History and Ourselves offers an interdisciplinary approach to citizenship education that connects the history of the Holocaust, Rwanda, and other examples of genocide to the moral questions young people face in their own lives. We provide middle and high school educators with tools for teaching history and ethics and for helping students learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with participation, and myth and misinformation with knowledge. In addition, students can develop projects to deepen their learning by addressing community issues, such as dialogues with police, workshops to foster understanding between rival groups in the school, service projects to benefit local or international organizations, or leadership programs within the school.

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