Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Thomas Jefferson
Staff Development
Special Student Event
No. Intensive professional development to help teachers develop a Young Chautauqua program. Classroom appearances by Thomas Jefferson.

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Jack R. Van Ens is a dramatist and historian who portrays Thomas Jefferson for students in grades K-12 so that they may learn Jeffersonian virtues: to reject governmental tyranny, advocate a free press, respect the rights of others, practice tolerance, embrace prudent compromise, and exhibit humility in learning and behavior. Mr. Van Ens suggests that one way to use his program in a regional conference would be in a kick-off session in which he would present Jefferson and his desire to correct the Constitution at two crucial points, limited terms for the presidency and an explicit Bill of Rights.
Through the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities Chautauqua program, Mr. Van Ens also portrays Jonathan Edwards. For more information about that program, contact the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities or

Jack R. Van Ens
President, Creative Growth, Inc.
8745 West 77th Drive
Arvada, CO 80005