Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Kids Voting Colorado
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school classes; bilingual family activities. Workshops available. Voting experience, art poster contest.

Grade Level:

Kids Voting is a nonpartisan program that emphasizes civic engagement by preparing students to be educated, active voters. Students take part in learn-by-doing Kids Voting classroom activities that introduce them to the concepts of citizenship. Kids Voting combines classroom instruction and family dialogue with an authentic voting experience that reflects the official voting process. Students have an opportunity to cast a ballot that replicates the adult ballot—voting on the same issue as adults at the official polling places. Communities that wish to participate must create a community steering committee that will help raise funds to support a local Kids Voting program.

Sandie Cooper
P.O. Box 18865
Denver, CO 80218
Kids Voting Website
Website for local Kids Voting Coordinators