Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Mock Trial Teaching Tolerance Program
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Teaching unit and video. No. Mock trial presentation.

Grade Level: 6-12

Colorado Lawyers Committee volunteers visit schools to present a mock trial based on a fictional case arising from a violation of Colorado's ethnic intimidation statute. At the conclusion of the trial, small discussion groups of students become “juries” to discuss the issues presented and, with the assistance of an adult facilitator, reach a verdict. The students become very engaged in the discussions of tolerance and the value of speaking out against intolerance and injustice. As a result of several generous grants, a video of the mock trial and a corresponding curriculum were developed to allow rural schools to benefit from this program. Kris Mix and Tarek Saad co-chair this Task Force.


Kris Mix and Tarek Saad
Colorado Lawyers Committee
370 17th Street, Suite 4500
Denver, CO 80202
Mix: 303-634-2091;
Saad: 303-492-1500;

Website: Colorado Lawyers Committee Hate Crime Task Force