Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Leader's Challenge
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Materials supporting challenges; registration is $875 per student; scholarships available. Awareness workshops; adult leaders receive implementation training. Summer academy, monthly events, culminating service project.

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Through an in-depth academic and experiential learning program, students explore the life skills related to being responsible and active citizens of their community. The Leader’s Challenge program provides students with a practical application of classroom and workshop experiences. Throughout the year, Leader’s Challenge participants analyze the cause-and-effect relationships behind issues in their community, create and implement ideas to address areas of concern, learn about the structure and functions of our democratic process, reflect on their experiences, and discover how their individual and team efforts can influence social change. Integrating three primary content areas of leadership training, civic engagement, and service learning, students develop the knowledge, skills, and behavior to become agents for change in their community. The curriculum is delivered through participation in a four-day intensive Summer Academy, monthly challenges throughout the school year, and a Final Challenge involving the design of a comprehensive community service project. Generally is done as an extra-curricular or co-curricular activity, rather than in the classroom.

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