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Colorado Mock Trial Program
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Case materials available in hard copy to registered teams; also available free online. Workshops available. Regional, state, and national mock trial competitions; $100 per team registration fee.

Grade Level:

The Colorado High School Mock Trial Program engages students in trying a specified civil or criminal case in a competitive format. Students perform as attorneys and witnesses. Mock trial performances are scored on knowledge and use of rules of evidence, trial procedures, attorney and witness performances, and the conviction of each side’s argument (no verdict is rendered). Most schools’ mock trial teams are extra- or co-curricular, rather than part of a standard class. Coaching mock trial teams is an excellent opportunity for local attorneys to support schools and young people.


Carolyn Ferber
Director of Public Legal Education
Colorado Bar Association
1900 Grant Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80203
Fax: 303-894-0821
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