Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Colorado Project Citizen
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Student booklets and teacher’s guide free with participation in training. Intensive and workshop-style; follow-up also available. Project showcase held at the State Capitol.

Grade Level: 4-12

In Project Citizen, a program developed by the Center for Civic Education and National Conference of State Legislatures, students work as a whole class or in small groups to address a school, community, or state problem of concern to them. Students are expected to construct and present a portfolio to demonstrate their ability to research, contact policy makers to express concern, and develop proposals for change. One example of a Project Citizen activity comes from Grant Ranch K-8 school where a class of middle school students selected the question: Should car seat belt laws be enhanced? They visited the legislature, emailed experts, and advocated for their ideas concerning enhancements to the law (specifically a car seat requirement for older children). They also conducted an education forum that convinced many parents to upgrade car seats for their children. Students present their completed work to a panel of experts and other students.

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