Directory of Civic Education Programs in Colorado

Post-News Education
Staff Development
Special Student Event
Lesson plans and class sets of newspapers available free. A new “electronic edition” of both newspapers free. Free workshops for teachers, staff, and administrators. Students can apply for grants to support service projects.

Grade Level:

The education department at the Denver Newspaper Agency (Post and News) offers a variety of programs that promote literacy and civic awareness through standards-based materials that use either the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News as the primary text. Examples of programs are:

• Electronic editions of the News and the Post.
• Kids Care (grades K-12) teaches students about philanthropy. Includes a teacher's guide, student tabs, and student journals. Students can apply for grants to support service projects.
• Current Events (grades 7-12) helps students learn about their community, their country, and their world to enable them to better become participatory members of a democracy.


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