The PARTICIPATION civic engagement curriculum is designed to give high school juniors and seniors the skills and knowledge they need “to create the change they wish to see in the world.” Specifically, the curriculum teaches skills in research, letter writing, petitioning, lobbying, community organizing, and creating socially conscious art—all in the context of studying a problem of interest to students and developing a plan for advancing their views on that issue through a variety of mechanisms. The attention given to political art, attention we believe to be unique in civic engagement curricula, accounts for the curriculum’s title.


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      Teacher Background and Instructional Tips  
      Instructional Units  
Introduction: Understanding the Curriculum  
Structure of Government: Grasping the Way Things Work  
Research: Developing In-Depth Understanding and the Skills Needed to Evaluate Sources  
The Economic Angle: Cultivating Deeper Understanding  
Essay Writing: Creating a Position Paper  
Public Speaking: : Presenting a Message in Person  
The Art of Social Change: Sharing, Analyzing, and Understanding Contextual Messages  
Grassroots Organizing: Spreading the Word and the Passion Through Local Work  
Event Planning: Sharing the Information  
Reflection and Evaluation  

The PARTICIPATION civic engagement curriculum was developed by Celebrate Possibility, a program of the Center for Education in Law and Democracy.