Center for Education in Law and Democracy
The Center for Education in Law and Democracy is a Colorado non-profit non-partisan educational organization that promotes and supports the development of responsible citizens committed to democratic principles and active participation in representative government. CELD achieves its mission through:
Enhancing civic literacy and competence of students by providing opportunities for them to study, practice, and engage in active democratic citizenship;
Providing professional development for teachers who work directly with young people as they learn to be successful, active citizens;
Creating timely resources for instruction and assessment of learning;
Collaborating with other organizations to promote civic and law-related education; and
Cultivating partnerships between educators and lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers, legislators and other public officials.
    CELD Board of Directors
  Dan Brotzman, City Attorney, Englewood
  Ken Buckius, Esq., UNB Bank, N.A.
  Melissa Hart, Director, Byron White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law and Professor, University of Colorado School of Law
  Benjamin Kapnik, Founder, Celebrate Possibility

Marcelina Rivera, University of Denver

  CELD One-pager Programs

CELD works in cooperation with the following Colorado civic education, social studies and community groups:

Bold Leaders: Critical Mass Leadership Education
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Close Up
Colorado Council on Economic Education
Colorado Council for the Social Studies
Colorado Civic Mission of the Schools Campaign and the Colorado Civic Canopy
Colorado Department of Education
Colorado European Union Center of Excellence, University of Colorado-Boulder