July 2010 World Congress, Jakarta, Indonesia

Members of our Civitas Partnership attending the 14th annual World Congress in Jakarta in July 2010 were: Ivana Havlinova (Civitas-CZ ), Marcela Maslova and Miriam Hubova (Orava Association/SK) , Linda Start (Michigan Center for Civic Education), Jane McConnell (Oklahoma Bar Association Department of Law Related Education) and Barbara Miller and Jackie Johnson (Center for Education in Law and Democracy, Denver).

Our Civitas partnership had an opportunity to get feedback from civic educators from around the world on the first draft of a comparative lesson focusing on similarities and differences in European and US philosphies about the role of government in addressing social issues.

The lesson, "Comparing Our Democracies," began with comparisons between Europe and the US; discussion extended to all the countries represented in the room.

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