Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
January 12–16, 2006
A partnership exchange, held in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic, January 12–16, 2006 provided a cross-cultural professional exchange among Project Citizen teachers from Michigan, Oklahoma, Colorado, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. School visits, field experiences and large and small group seminar sessions provided opportunities for thinking about how we can be more intentional in linking Project Citizen study with the principles of democracy. The exchange set a context for the importance of understanding democracy as it is reflected in Usti nad Labem, a city that reflects the experiences of a people who have lived under authoritarian regimes and with peoples from other nations.

Our European Civitas Partners, Ivana Havlinova (Director, CIVITAS-CZ) and Marcela Maslova (Director, Orava Association for Democratic Education, Slovakia).  

Multi Party Politics
Participants deepened their understanding of
the Czech parliamentary system and coalition building by participating in a simulation of political party activities.

Download this multi-party simulation of the
Lower House of the Czech Parliament.

  Oklahoma teacher, Donna Jo Garrison, made many promises on behalf of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia.  Pavel Siman (Slovakia) sang the Communist International anthem for the party.

Zdenka Pistekova, CZ Republic, explains why
the Czech Social Democratic Party wants the
nation to follow “the blue river of Democracy”
and support the European Union.
Jim Troost, Michigan, passionately advocates for the Christian Democratic Union Party.


Classroom Visits

6th grade students at Jatecni High School consider equality among people with different skills and abilities.  

Conceptualizing each nation's road to democracy
Participants analyzed student work from Colorado, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to understand youth perspectives on the evolution of democracy in each nation. 

Link: Road to Democracy lesson (developed by Street Law, Inc.)
  Ryan Ruddell, Thornton High School,
presents Colorado's Road to Democracy
Czech Road to Democracy as conceptualized by students of Dagmar Havlikova.

Another Czech Road to Democracy developed by students.

The map pictured below is also available in pdf format.
Participant Maps of Home Communities. Slovakia and Colorado.