CIVITAS International Exchange Program
Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal of this program is to strengthen civic education for democracy in the United States and the Czech and Slovak Republics by improving teaching and student mastery of knowledge and skills in civics and government, as well as a reasoned commitment to the core values of constitutional democracy.

The specific objectives for the Civitas International Exchange Program are:

To acquaint educators with exemplary curricular and teacher training programs in civic education developed in the US.
To assist educators in adapting and implementing effective civic education programs.
To create and implement instructional materials for students in the United States that will help them better understand emerging democracies.
To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience in civic education among political, educational, and private sector leaders in the US and emerging and established democracies.
To encourage research to determine the effects of civic education on the development of
knowledge, skills, and traits of public and private character essential for the preservation and improvement of constitutional democracy.
To reach diverse populations to help them benefit from civic education and the Civitas
Exchange Program.