CIVITAS International Exchange Program: Czech Republic
Olomouc Summer Institute for High School Students, July 2002

For the past several years the Open Society Institute and the U.S. Embassy in Prague have co-sponsored a
summer institute held at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Directed by Ivana Mrozkova, attendees include high school students from several Eastern European countries who are interested in dialogue about various public issues that transcend the borders of their nations.For the past two summers, Civitas partners in Colorado (CELD) and in the Czech Republic (Association for Education to Citizenship and Democracy--SVOD) have participated in these institutes.

In July 2002, two Colorado educators, Jackie Johnson and Richard Rosivach, taught a two week class on global issues to high school students from throughout Eastern Europe. Two documents from their Olomouc teaching experience are posted here: A rationale for applying civic education strategies to global issues and the syllabus for the two week course summarizing the various topics, teaching strategies, and materials used by Rich and Jackie.