Deliberating in a Democracy
Colorado DID teachers visit Estonia, March 25-31, 2006

Colorado teachers learned about Estonian history, education, and public issues during an exchange in March 2006 through visits to classrooms, community, local and national government and businesses.Barbara Miller, CELD Executive Director, directed the exchange.

Picture of the Day:
Estonia/Denver Partner Schools and Teachers
Denver Area

Parnu Raekula
Bibi Raid
Viive Tuur
West High School
Center for Internat'l Studies
Jennifer Portillo
Heidi Hursh
Kolgo Gymnasium
Sulev Valdmaa
Heiki Varend
Northglenn High School
Suzanne deLemos
Victoria Bull
Saku Gymnasium
Maris Rhot
Mai Kahru
Horizon High School
Ryan Hargraves
Lance Boyd
Tallinn Pelgulinna
Kulno Kala
Anne-Ly Ounapuu
Cherokee Trails High School
Suzette Phillips
Cari Erickson

During our visit to Stenbock House to learn about TOM, a website where citizens propose laws to the government, we had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Andrus Ansip who was giving an interview to the BBC. Cherokee Trails teacher, Cari Erickson, was honored to sit in the chair that Prime Minister Ansip holds for ministry meetings.

Colorado teachers join Estonian colleagues for President Meri’s funeral processional. We learned that Meri exemplified the belief that small countries could play a special role in today’s world

Suzette Phillips and Cari Erickson meet Kulno Kala, their Estonian partner teacher, and his students at Pelgulinna Gymnasium, a school specializing in the arts. Many graduates of this school pursue degrees in Political Science.

MP Trivimi Velliste provided DID teachers with personal and historical perspectives on the development of Estonian democracy.  His honest, insightful presentation of Estonia’s experiences during the cold war was a highlight of the exchange—and provide insight into some of the reasons that Estonian youth do not think about the cold war period in the same way as their parent’s generation.

Suzanne de Lemos and Victoria Bull enjoyed interacting with 12th grade students at Kolga School.  These students, most of whom have been classmates since the primary grades, spend their day in this brightly decorated classroom and teachers circulate to them.    

Lance Boyd responds to a question from students at Kolga school where 10th and 12 grade students shared the results of deliberation about national service.

(L) Piret Muller and Sulev Valdmaa collaborated to offer Colorado teachers a fabulous opportunity to learn about Estonian history, politics, and current issues.

(R) An architectural detail from Riigikogu--the only art nouveau parliament building in the world.

(L) Mark Parents, a student from Pärnu Raeküla Gymnasium, questions Colorado teachers about their views of the Bush Doctrine.

(R) Bibi Raid monitors deliberations about the value of national service for Estonia