CIVITAS International Exchange Program: Stakeholder Delegation
Consorcio De Educacion Civic, República Dominicana
Reflections on Stakeholder Visit, March 2009, Charles Garcia
Reflections on Stakeholder Visit, March 2009, Marcelina Rivera

The Consortium for Civic Education (Dominican Republic) is a non-profit organization composed of persons and private institutions of formal education and NGO’s dedicated to the promotion of civic education in the Dominican Republic. The mission of the Consortium is to contribute to the development of a citizenry that is responsible and participative; as well as to defend the values of justice, pluralism and liberty through the promotion and strengthening of civic education with the different actors of the Dominican educational community.

The Consortium has its origins in the Support for Democratic Initiatives Project which was financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from 1992-2002.
The Consortium provides teacher training and programs for students; produces and publishes teaching materials; and advocates for educational public policies in the Dominican Republic. Programs include Foundations of Democracy; Project Citizen; Constitution and School Project; Education for Peace; Justice and Equity Project; and a Postgraduate Program in Civic Education.