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A Special Public Event to Commemorate Europe Day:
High School Public Forum Debate: What is the Future of the Euro?

April 25, 2011
Tivoli Center, Auraria Campus, Denve

On April 25, distinguished experts from Europe debated and discussed the future of the European Union with students from several Colorado High Schools. These experts included Consul General Beverley Simpson from the United Kingdom; Philippe Le Guen, Director of the l'Association Jean Monnet in Paris; and Frank Schuchat, Schuchat, Herzog & Brenman, LLC, Honorary Consul for Belgium. The program took place at the Tivoli Center on the Auraria Campus.

Students from Blevens Middle School, Thomas Jefferson and Mullen High Schools made special presentations. Then students from six high schools—Fossil Ridge, Cherokee Trail, Mullen, Overland, Aurora Central, and Lakewood debated the future of the Euro.

The topic for debate: “Since the EU’s inception, its 27 member nations have voluntarily given up some national sovereignty to fulfill the goals of peace and prosperity. Should member states give up more sovereignty to solve the euro crisis?”

Following the debate, a panel of experts spoke about the perspectives of Euroskeptics and those who favor even greater European integration.

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