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The sights of Amman and beyond....
Our Civitas Partners learned about Jordan's history, culture and people.


The Byzantine Church of Saint George in Madaba which contains a mosaic map of 6th Century Palastine.


Mount Nebo, where Moses viewed the Promised Land; also the presumed site of his death and burial place. Sanctuary overlooks the Jordan Valley.



Bethany Baptism Site on the east bank of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized and John the Baptist preached.


The ancient city of Jerash, built in the 2nd Century BC, is one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world. Among the massive ruins, we walked through the Hippodrome, site of athletic competitions and chariot races, and the Temple of Artemis, daughter of Zeus and sister of Appollo. We even heard a bagpipe concert. Excavation of Jerash began in 1925 and continues today.




The lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea.