2009 Educating for Citizenship Conference

December 4, 2009
Engaging Youth in Democracy

Denver Sheraton West Hotel
360 Union Ave., Lakewood
Teaching resources from the Dec. 4th Educating for Citizenship Conference.

The 25th annual Educating for Citizenship conference was held in Lakewood at the Sheraton Denver West Hotel on December 4, 2009. Colorado organizations and public officials who share CELD’s interest in providing teachers of civic education with content updates and resources, best practice strategies, and new lessons collaborated to offer 20 or more concurrent sessions.

2009 Conference co-sponsors were:

Center for Education in Law and Democracy (CELD)
Center for Civic Education
Center for Teaching International Relations, University of Denver
Colorado Bar Foundation and Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Council on Economic Education and the Federal Reserve Bank
Colorado Council for the Social Studies
Colorado Judicial Branch
• University of Northern Colorado/Institute for Civic Education