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Back by popular demand: A Bracket Lesson for March Madness
The Final Four: Supreme Court Decisions
Stayin' Alive: Greatest Hits Resources
2014 Educating for Citizenship Conference

CELD Staff introduces Shiver, Gobble and Snore to elementary students...a lesson on Constitution Day.

All Grade Levels –Observing Constitution Day with Literacy Activities
Elementary and Middle School –
Exploring the Purposes of Government: A Lesson on the Preamble
Middle School – Our Evolving Constitution: The Road to Citizenship
High School –Free Expression in Wartime: A Controversial Constitutional Issue
New York Times Learning Network "Greatest Hits" Lesson on the Supreme Court: 10 Ways to Study the US Supreme Court with the NY Times
• Claim Your Powers: The All Time Classic

• Teaching Resources from the 2010 Educating for Citizenship Conference
Teaching Resources from the 2011 Educating for Citizenship Conference
Teaching Resources from the 2012 Educating for Citizenship Conference
Teaching Resources from the 2013 Educating for Citizenship Conference

From the 2009 We the People Summer Institute on the Executive Branch: Professor Weiser's Power Point on Executive Over-Reach
Lesons on the principles of democracy developed for 2 CELD international projects (Civitas, DID): Lesson AgendaPrinciples of Democracy Handout Amazing Race Cards
Amazing Race HandoutsRace Results
Civitas Partnership
3 Lessons developed
with our Czech Partners
Signposts of Democracy Lesson
Analyzing Current Issues about Democracy
Simulation: Czech Political Parties and Coalition Building

Special Lessons for commemorating the Lincoln Bicentennial:

• Upper Elementary and Middle School Students
(developed by CELD)
High School Students (developed by the Center for Civic Education)
did Discussing Controversial Issues: Lessons from Deliberating in a Democracy Project. Click on lessons and resources. DID is an International initiative designed to improve student understanding of democratic principles and civic deliberation skills.
s SpongeBob Roundpants: Mock Trial for Elementary Students
Grades 4-6 mock trial developed by members of the Colorado Bar Association. See also "SpongeBob tries to square things at school event," Pueblo Chieftain, April 21, 2007.
Resources on Colorado's Initiative Process
Teacher Resources developed by CELD include: Colorado I and R Teaching Resources, "Too Much Democracy....or Not Enough?"; 2006 Opinion Ballot;
Pro and Con Arguments on Colorado Amendment 40.
The American Jury:
Bulwark of Democracy
Online resource guide for teachers,
students and citizens on the jury system; features lessons developed by the Constitutional Rights Foundation-Chicago
In a two-day workshop in June 2008, CELD and 15 middle and high school teachers explored how teaching about the election can focus on controversial issues. As part of the workshop, CELD staff developed four lesson plans; the lessons were revised based on input from teachers participating in the workshop.
Immigration in 2008: Drafting a Position Statement (a focus on the Colorado Senate race)
A Presidential Debate on Immigration • A Town Meeting on Health Care
Talking about Race: A Class Discussion
The election of 2000 marked the third time since the Civil War that the presidential candidate who won the popular vote did not win the electoral vote and therefore did not become President. Despite the discussion prompted by this controversial election, many citizens still do not fully understand how the electoral college functions. This three-part lesson from the Constitutional Rights Foundation helps students understand how the electoral college works and why the Founders included this structure in the Constitution, involves them in analyzing data from the past four Presidential elections, and engages them in a simulated commission considering reforms of the electoral college.
Colorado Courts in the Community Lesson Plans
15 lesson plans from the Colorado Judicial Branch introducing high school students to aspects of the Colorado judicial system. The plans include background information, outlines, transparency masters, classroom work sheets, homework assignments and classroom activities.
g The Pledge of Allegiance: A Teachable Moment
Legislative and judicial actions in Colorado regarding a law requiring recitation of the Pledge in Colorado schools provided teachable moments for engaging students in thoughtful lessons. CELD compiled a special website of resources and lesson ideas on the Pledge of Allegiance.

Developing Analogies: Frankenstein and the Framers

In this interdisciplinary middle school lesson, students use the story of the Frankenstein monster to consider analogies between Dr. Frankenstein attempting to form a living being from inanimate matter and the framers of the Constitution and their efforts to create a strong national government that won't overpower state governments.


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