Colorado Youth Summit: April 15, 2011

The Colorado Youth Summit is an opportunity for students from throughout the state to talk with their counterparts from different regions and backgrounds about issues that impact their future and the future of Colorado….and then do something locally to improve their communities.

Colorado faces numerous issues over which reasonable people disagree. Today’s young people have much to offer in terms of addressing those issues—but they need practice in analyzing, discussing, and formulating positions on those issues.


Held April 15, 2011, CELD’s Colorado Youth Summit providde opportunities for students from across Colorado to enter the conversation on two critical issues facing our state. The Colorado Youth Summit is supported by the Daniels Fund, the Anschutz Foundation, and the Constitutional Rights Foundation Civic Action Project, supported by the Annenberg Foundation.

  What happens at a Youth Summit?
  What issues were discussed at the Colorado Youth Summit?
  What did participating in the Colorado Youth Summit involve?
  Who participated in the Colorado Youth Summit?
Information and Resources for Colorado Youth Summit Teachers.
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