What happens at the Colorado Youth Summit?


Representatives from each participating classroom discussed two critical issues with students from other schools, with experts, and with Colorado policymakers.

The Youth Summit was a one-day event, held April 15, 2011. Here's the tentative agenda.

The agenda for the Summit is provided below. For photos from the day of the Summit, click here.

9:00  Opening Ceremony

The summit opened with remarks from Andrew Romanoff, former Speaker of the Colorado House. International visitors will be introduced, and the agenda will be reviewed.

Speaker:  Andrew Romanoff, Former Speaker, Colorado House of Representatives, and Senior Advisor, International Development Enterprises

9:30  Issue-Specific Concurrent Discussions
Students will work in concurrent issue groups to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and positions on one issue and proposed policies related to that issue. Groups will have an opportunity to interact with resource people to gather information.

Resource People:
Cheryl Karstaedt, general counsel, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Erik Maulbetsch, campaign director, ACLU of Colorado
Kate Syfert, Department of Homeland Security
Aaron Hall and Amber Blasingame, immigration attorneys, Joseph Law Firm
Rory Carlin, aide to Senator Keith King

10:25 Preparing for Policymaker Meetings 
Students will regroup by position (students will be in groups with like-minded people) to discuss and finalize their position statements to present to policymakers. Each group will also prepare one question for the panel discussions.

11:00  Break

11:15  Each One/Teach One (Grand Ballroom A)
Each student will talk with a student he/she has not worked with during the morning, explaining the policy his/her group is working on and listening to and providing feedback on the partner’s policy.

11:30  Lunch/ Panel Discussion on Student Speech Online
(Back in Grand Ballroom B)
Students who have spent the morning discussing student speech online will present their policy proposals to policymakers and engage in discussion with these leaders.

Ken Buckius, Former President, Douglas County Board of Education
Michelle Murphy, Director of Member Legal Resources, Colorado Association of School Boards
Stephen Parce, Principal, Denver Center for International Studies

12:15  Panel Discussion on the ASSET Bill
Students who have spent the morning discussing the ASSET bill will present their policy proposals to policymakers and engage in discussion with these leaders.

Senator Michael Johnson
Senator Keith King

1:10  Town Meeting and Public Policy Vote
This session will provide an opportunity for a final discussion and vote on students’ policy proposals.

2:10           Complete Final Evaluation

2:15           Adjourn



For more information, contact Laurel Singleton.