Colorado Youth Summit:

What did participating in the
Colorado Youth Summit involve?

The Center for Education in Law and Democracy will be hosting a Colorado Youth Summit in April 2011. At the Summit, representatives from 16 high schools across Colorado will discuss two important issues facing the state; these students had the opportunity to exchange ideas with policymakers and experts.



Colorado Youth Summit Timeline

  December 3-4   Teachers take part in professional development planning.
  January 5 - 20   Teachers present introductory lesson.
  January 20 - 27   Students vote on Survey Monkey and comment on why they are voting for a certain issue on the project Wiki.
  January 27   CELD tallies the results and sends out final class ballot.
  January 28 and 31   Teachers take in-class vote and send CELD results.
  February 2   Two focus issues announced.
  Early February   CELD develops curriculum. Members of student advisory council from paired schools have conversations to prepare for first meeting.
  February 16   First Student Advisory Council meeting at Denver Center for International Studies.  Curriculum posted online.
  Mid February - March   Teachers and students use CELD-provided curriculum to study one or both of the focus issues. Students communicate with other students and experts via Wiki. Student Summit Advisory Council meets March 16 at DCIS to plan summit.
  April - May   Students conduct civic action/service projects related to the focus issues.
  April 15   Colorado Youth Summit!

For more information, contact Laurel Singleton.