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Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia speaks to students at the Colorado WTP State Finals in the Old Supreme Court Chambers,
State Capitol, Dec. 17, 2012.

  Congratulations, East High School, Denver, 2014-15 State Champions
Colorado We the People Program. Good luck at the National Finals, April 25-28, Washington, DC.
  2015 National Finals Hearing Questions
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Congratulations to all Colorado We the People State Finalists from all of our Congressional Districts who came to the State Capitol on Dec. 15:

District 1: East High School
District 2: Platte Canyon HS
District 3: Ridgway Secondary School
District 3: Centennial HS (San Luis)
District 4: Silver Creek HS (Longmont)
District 5: Buena Vista HS
District 6: Grandview HS
District 7: Northglenn HS


The Colorado We the People program, sponsored by the Center for Education in Law and Democracy (CELD), offers programs in constitutional studies for students state-wide through professional development programs for teachers and direct student activities/showcases in each congressional district.  

The WTP program promotes students’ civic competence by enhancing their understanding of democratic principles and institutions through engaging teaching strategies.  Curriculum materials include six units of instruction.

The WTP program is best known in the community for its culminating activity-- a simulated congressional hearing-- in which the entire class, working in cooperative teams, respond to open-ended questions about the history and relevance of the Constitution today.  Students interact with community members who provide an authentic audience as they discuss the meaning and importance of constitutional principles with adults serving as judges for student performances.
Please contact Jackie Johnson for WTP program details.

Colorado High School We the People Program

In November 2014, Simulated Congressional Hearings were held in these communities throughout the state and included students from 19 different high schools:

Nov. 18, District 1 and 2: Trinity Education Center, Denver
Nov. 16, District 3:  Ridgway, Colorado Town Hall
Nov. 14, District 2, 3(w) and 5:  Salida High School
Nov. 21, District 4 and 7:  Adams County School District 12 Staff Development Center, Thornton
Nov. 25, District 6:  Cherry Creek Schools Instructional Support Center, Centennial

    2014-15 Participating Schools
Buena Vista High School
Centennial High School, San Luis
Collegiate Prep Academy, Denver
East High School
Denver School of Science &Technology
Grandview High School
Legend High School
Mullen High School
Northglenn High School
Platte Canyon High School
Rangeview High School
Ridgway High School
Silver Creek High School

Colorado WTP Professional Development Programs for Colorado teachers

2002: Strengthening Democracy:  The We the People Program
2003: Balancing Individual Liberties and National Security in the 21st Century
2004: Balancing Powers: What Is the Role of the Courts?
2005: The Executive Branch: The Framers’ Intent to the Bush Doctrine
2006: Separation of Powers:  Fundamental Principles and Enduring Challenges
2007: The Fourteenth Amendment: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
2008: The First Amendment: Founding Principles and Contemporary Debates
2009: The Presidency: The Framers' Vision to Contemporary Debates
2010: Shared powers: Federalism in the 21st Century
2011: Balancing Powers: What Is the Role of the Courts?
2012: The US Constitution 3.0: Founding Principles and 21st Century Challenges
2013: The First and Second Amendments in the 21st Century
: The 4th Amendment: Founding Principles and Contemporary Debates
2015: Controversial Issues and the Constitution: Teaching about the 8th Amendment


Elementary WTP hearing video
Middle school WTP hearing video
High school WTP hearing video